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Thursday, October 23, 2014

This One's For the Girls; day 23

 Ok, folks, tonight it's time for a little less serious subject. A celebration of the wee little things, if you will.

I was messaging with a friend yesterday morning.  This particular friend has walked a similar path with her family, as they too set out from Alaska a couple years ago, on an adventure to the Lower 48.  Her story is amazing and involves a rather large span of the 48 contiguous states.  She will smile when she reads that. 

I remember so well, sitting across from her at table, steaming tea mugs at our fingertips, as she recounted their travels and I listened intently while mentally drawing her route on a map.  It's quite a story, one that I hope she will continue to write and to share.  Their adventure came full circle, and they are once again living in Alaska.  But anyway, as we were chatting yesterday about things to love about the Lower 48, she mentioned one thing she adored, which I hadn't thought of writing about in this series yet.  It's something that I've noticed and enjoyed about living in a mild climate myself, but hadn't really thought of to much degree.
I really love me a good, long, hot shower.  Being a person who is cold nearly all the time, no matter the season, this is a big deal to me.  What is utterly heavenly about the South, however, is when you step out of the shower here, you're not instantly cold again.   But this is not the only thing my friend mentioned.  She expounded on this as she declared with as much enthusiasm as can be conveyed by instant message, 

"As in, not having your leg hair grow back the second you shave when you step out of the shower. Brr!!!"

Spot on, dear friend.  Spot.  On.

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