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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Come On Down: day 19

We love to have our doors open to family and friends, whether we've known and loved each other forever or only for a short while.  Today, we had our first visitors to this home.  Both are relatively new friends, but cherished just the same.  One is from Knoxville, one is from Alaska. 
It's people that make a house a home.  It's the people who live there, yes, but nothing says "home" better than being able to swing open doors for friends.  Moving from Alaska to the South, this is a big deal to us, and something we relish.  Because, you see, Alaskans looooove to go South on vacations.  Furthermore, our family will looooove to be that Southern destination for anyone who is wanting to thaw out a little.
We've got plenty of sunshine, and plenty of space for marshmallow shooter contests.

So if you aren't one of the 4 families we're eagerly expecting, with plans to come visit soon, 
we hope you'll get crackin', grab your marshmallow shooters, get tickets, and come on down.

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