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Thursday, March 23, 2006

3-Year-Old Dreams

"I'm a fireman!" Mischievous Eaglet has been quite consistent in informing us that this is what he'd like to be when he grows up. After a brief stint (yesterday) of having his sights set on being a garbage man, today he was back to the original dream.

The full get-up...

"This is my gas mask." (Thanks Ken! You thought you just gave us a train set!)

"My rubber boots preetect my feet...from smoke, smoke relarms, and fire extinguishers." (Excellent idea. And here I thought they were just nice winter boots for Mommy!) I better post this and go see where that siren noise is coming from...

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JRL said...

Nothing worng with being a garbageman...I think you should encourage that one. I wanted to be a garbagewoman when I was little. See how well I turned out?