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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Challenge--See If You Can "I Spy..."

I took this picture yesterday evening, with our very cheap digital camera. I was about 50 feet away from the subject, but one could never tell! So, ok. Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it: We had two visitors in our yard all day yesterday, from dawn 'til way past dusk. Can you spy and identify one? One hint: We had caribou again for supper last night. This visitor was very relieved.


Jodi said...

I see! I see! Is that a MOOSE??? And you eat caribou, too? My goodness, I feel so tame down here. :-D

Mommy said...

I see it, too! But at first I thought it was a bear. Has he seen your post from February 17th? No wonder he was relieved about the caribou.

JJ said...

Good eyes, Girls, good eyes! That is the cow moose you see. Her baby was a few feet back in the woods. We get a lot of moose in our yard this time of year. I am always fascinated by them--their size and how confident they are. She was not phased a bit by the fact there were 5 barking huskies lurching at her through the fence. In fact, she walked right up to it and munched the Willows growing alongside.