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Monday, March 13, 2006

What a blessing!

Last night, after reading a couple stories, Mischievous Eaglet took his Bible storybook and hopped into his little toddler bed. He chose a Bible story, the story of Jesus' ascension. I read it to him, and he had many questions...like why did Jesus have marks on his hands and feet. We have regularly read this and many other Bible stories together over the last 3 1/2 years, but tonight was the first time that he was full of many, many questions. I talked with him about why Jesus died on the cross, as payment for our sins so we could have a friendship with God and live with Him in Heaven forever. He explained to me that "taking away Hotwheels is a bad choice." He then happily exclaimed, "I believe in Jesus!" In the end, he decided to pray and tell Jesus, "I believe in you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Thank you for forgiving my bad things, like taking away Hotwheels." What a blessing to witness our little guy's first step in faith. Please join me in praying in thanksgiving, that this will only be a first of many revelations and commitments for him in his journey in The Son."

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Jodi said...

Thanks be to God! Many prayers going up for your whole family (over that sickness yet?).